Custom Table Pads & Table Extenders

Custom Table Pads & Table Extenders


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See all the ways that Cohen Table Pads can both protect with our TABLE PADS and provide many solutions to extend all types of tables with our patented TABLE EXTENDERS.

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Extend your table on one or two ends! Our table extenders increase the size of your table by up to 5 feet. Enlarge your dining room table up to 70"  without supporting legs - instantly!

Extenders With Legs

Constant opening and closing of table pads can cause the seam to rip. We are the only company to reinforce all seams at the folds of our custom table pads, making for longer protection of your valuable dining room table, coffee table, or buffet.

Table Pads

Enlarge your dining room table without supporting legs instantly! With our patented table extenders, you can add as many as 12" to the length and 12" to the width of your table to seat 4 extra people without supporting legs!

Extenders Without Legs

We are also known for our line of custom linens. The linens are custom made for your table's specific size and shape. Our custom table linens com in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

Custom Linens

Our extender solutions for round tables are many and varied!

Turn your round table into a larger round table, an oval table, or even a rectangular table.

Round Table Extenders

We are also known for our line of custom linens. The linens are custom made for your table's specific size and shape. Our custom table linens com in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

Storage Bags

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Custom Table Pads

For Your Dining Room Table


For three generations, Cohen's Table Pads has been protecting your treasured dining room tables, buffets, cocktail tables, and corporate conference room tables with our high-quality custom table pads.


We offer free on-site measuring of your dining room table, coffee table, or buffet for your table pads in the New York/ New Jersey metropolitan area. In addition, we have over 11,000 table patterns in our archives, often making it possible to size your table pads over the phone based on the manufacturer and model number of your table (which can be found either under your table or on your sales receipt). The integrity of our table pad patterns are guaranteed completely.


Pads work for glass-topped tables, too. Our table pads are not just for wood - protect your glass and tile-topped tables from hair-line cracks and scratches.



Cohen Table Pads -

Our table pads protect your coffee table and buffet, too!Use our custom pads to protect your coffee tables and buffets, too!


We are a creative company dedicated to handling all your table top requirements.

Just give us a call!



Ben's Story


Our customer Ben wanted to share his story of how we satisfied his specific requirements, and shows the versatility of our products. We appreciate that Ben decided to send his photos to show how he uses our extenders.

The FlyLady's Endorsement

Marla Cilley is The FlyLady. Since 1999, she has been a mentor to over 1.2 million women teaching them how to organize their homes and how to love themselves. Here's what she has to say about our table more

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See Susan's Billiard Table Testimonial

Dear Phil;

Attached are the before and after pictures of my dining room table that seated six people, and with your extensions will now seat ten to twelve.

This was the best Rosh Hashanah dinner in years as we could all sit at the same table together with plenty of room in the middle for all the platters.

See Francine's Testimonial



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About Our Products


Our Table Pads are almost a full 5/8 inch thick making our Table Pads the thickest non-warping Table Pad in the industry. We use no cardboard by-products or animal glues. That's why we have no problem giving a 30 yr. warranty on our Table Pads.


Our Table Extenders are almost a full 1 inch thick. We are the leading innovators for table extenders in all the USA. With over 12,000 satisfied Table Extender customers throughout the country and Canada. Whether you need to expand your table's width or a complete table extension of your table's width and length we have the experience with our all-American workforce and completely all-American made components.   Thank You.

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